Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

Our Approach to Sustainability

For us, “care” is more than just part of our business, it expresses our responsibility to people and the environment. We manufacture high-quality skin care products and have more than 100 years research expertise. Our efforts form part of Beiersdorf’s international sustainability strategy “We care”.

Making the most of Raw Materials

Some of the raw materials we use in our products are in limited supply and there is no guarantee that they will always be available. We support sustainable sourcing and are working to develop alternatives that meet our high-quality standards.


Beiersdorf apoya prácticas de cultivo sostenible para el aceite de palma.

Towards Sustainable Palm Oil

We do not use palm oil in the manufacture of our products. However, we do use agents such as emulsifiers in some of our products which is normal in our industry. These agents are usually produced from mineral and vegetable oils such as coconut and rapeseed oil – or palm oil and palm kernel oil.

As a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), we also promote sustainable palm oil cultivation practices. Our aim is to ensure that by 2015 all of our suppliers use sustainably produced and certified palm oil and palm kernel oil in the raw materials they supply to us. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure we reach these goals.

Visit the product site and click on a product of your choice to get a detailed list of the ingredients.

Alternatives to Animal Testing

Beiersdorf does not use animals to test cosmetic products. This has been our policy long before the directives regulating animal testing in cosmetics went into effect in the European Union in 2004. We are convinced that using animals to test cosmetic products in order to prove that they are safe and effective is not necessary.

raw materials research development

Beiersdorf trabaja desde hace más de 20 años en el desarrollo de las denominadas alternativas «in-vitro» en lugar de los ensayos en animales.

Independientemente de la prohibición, Beiersdorf considera muy importante el desarrollo y la aceptación de métodos alternativos. Desde hace más de 20 años Beiersdorf trabaja junto a gremios y asociaciones profesionales para desarrollar alternativas in-vitro que no requieran testar productos en animales. Beiersdorf es una de las compañías de investigación en este aspecto más activas y reconocidas a nivel mundial. Creemos firmemente que el uso de animales para demostrar la eficacia y fiabilidad de los productos cosméticos no es necesaria.

En Beiersdorf se trabaja de forma activa para asegurar que los métodos alternativos existentes a los ensayos en animales sean aceptados en todo el mundo por sus respectivas autoridades y legislaciones, al tiempo que apoya tanto en el ámbito personal como financiero los esfuerzos científicos destinados a cerrar las brechas existentes en el campo de los métodos alternativos.

Less waste, same quality

Regardless of whether the material is plastic, glass, metal, cardboard or paper, we're constantly working on reducing the amount of material we use. Wherever possible, we apply the sustainability criteria; avoid, reduce, reuse and recycle to all of our packaging innovations. Today, nearly 100% of our packaging materials are recyclable.

Refill pouches are just one way we reduce packaging. Thanks to refillable containers and reusable product packages, such as soap dispensers, waste volume can be substantially reduced. For example, the refill pouches for our NIVEA Creme Shower Gel result in 75% less waste.